Do you need a way to find good new music regardless of genre? You have come to the right place!! Follow my Spotify playlists for the most up to date music. I have two playlists that I update frequently. My two playlists are called, "New Favorite Songs" and "Newly Discovered Songs". New Favorite Songs are the best of the best songs I recently love and are worthy of being added to my favorite songs. These songs come from my newly discovered songs playlist. My newly discovered songs playlist is comprised of all the new songs that I have discovered and like regardless of genre. Some of these songs are good enough to make my New Favorite Songs playlists and some aren't but regardless I have put them onto my new discovered songs playlists because they are still good songs. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Hot New Music You Have To Hear

Have you been looking for great music but don't want to spend hours and hours weeding through the crap to find it? You are in the right spot. I spend hours going through all of the crap listening to sub-par music in order to find the gems that really make me happy and excited about music. I love all genres and will highlight any music that steps it up a notch and sounds better than the rest. The musician doesn't have to be famous to get put onto my list because there is plenty of good music out regardless of if they are known or not. I really enjoy music and love the countless hours I spend listening because when I find that gem it makes it all worth it. Start listening to my playlists and you'll begin to discover songs before others even have heard them on the radio. Heck you'll be telling all your friends about new musicians or songs they should listen too and you'll be the one everyone goes to for music advice. Why haven't you started playing the music yet? Start listening now and get the party started!

<-- Follow these playlists to start enjoying the best of the best music.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

American Music Awards Review

I love music. Not a better opportunity to talk about music then after an awards show. The American Music Awards is a great awards show and one of the best in my opinion. I love fan based results because I think they tend to be more accurate. There isn't an agenda or political reasons to have someone win over someone else like in other award shows. It is strictly fans. In my opinion the more fans you have the more likely you are to be better at what you do. Well, I decided to do a live Google hangout and talk do my own review of the awards show. If you have any questions or comments about the shot feel free to add your comment below or directly through the video.