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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fav 5 #6

This week I decided to switch up how I am choosing my Fav 5. I decided to choose one song from each of the top genre's in music. The genre's I choose from are Alternative, Country, Hot/Mod/AC, Rock, Top 40/M, Top 40/R, and Triple A.

Neon Trees- Your Surrender

Emerson Drive- Let Your Love Speak

One eskimO- Amazing

Sick Puppies- Riptide

Top 40/M
Marianas Trench- Beside You

Top 40/R
Jim Jones- Perfect Day (f. Chink Santana and Logic)

Triple A
Ron Sexsmith- Love Shines

I thought this was a really funny video so I had to include it...
Trace Atkins- Brown Chicken Brown Cow

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